Chapel Hill Academy

High School

High School

The Chapel Hill Academy High School program is designed to provide the student with a full and comprehensive educational program while providing emotional, behavioral and social supports.

Our objective is to prepare each student for the transition into adulthood, in a college or job setting, with the skills and knowledge to succeed. The high school curriculum follows the New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards and meets the state requirements to graduate.

Interactive whiteboards, laptop computers, and iPads are used to enrich the academic curriculum while college field trips, career fairs, mock interviews and community-based job placements are implemented to prepare for transitioning past twelfth grade.

The English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies programs are four-year curriculums designed to give each student the opportunity to be prepared for post-secondary education. All four courses have recently been improved with the purchase of an entire new set of the most up-to-date textbooks.

Each class has full use of laptops, iPads and an interactive whiteboard to enhance the lessons. Each science class also has a lab period.

Field trips are planned often to accompany particular units in an effort to boost learning.

Physical Education/Health, Career Exploration, Art, Music, World Languages and Driver’s Education (the verbal section) are all additions to the core curriculum that aim to provide each student with a well rounded education.

These classes are taught in many different settings throughout the school. In the case of our community-based work program, this includes going out into the community in real world job settings.

Through the four year high school program, Chapel Hill strives to provide each student with a diverse and educationally fruitful curriculum designed to prepare our learners for a variety of post-secondary options.