Chapel Hill Academy

Educational Overview

Educational Overview

Educational Philosophy

In keeping with our goal to provide students with the tools and opportunities necessary to progress academically, mature emotionally, and develop socially, in order to best serve their responsibilities within the home, school, and community environments, we have designed classrooms that are dedicated to providing a comprehensive education that is individually tailored to meet the needs and hone the strengths of each student. Each classroom houses 8 to 12 students with a certified teacher of students with disabilities and a teacher’s assistant. All academic classes are scheduled to meet a child’s specific learning needs. Students that have significant academic needs are scheduled for instruction with our Learning Disabilities Teacher or our Reading Specialist. Time tested instructional strategies are infused with the new insights and knowledge gained by the continued education and training of our teachers and ancillary staff throughout each school year.


All students in grades K-12 are expected to complete homework assignments. Homework is intended to strengthen and review learned skills and knowledge. Primary grade students will receive homework from their homeroom teachers, while students in grades 5 and above will receive homework from their multiple teachers according to the subjects taught. The successful completion of homework adds to a student’s overall grades. There is no penalty for incomplete homework in grades K-4, in grades 5-8 homework accounts for 5% of a student’s grade and 10% in the high school program. Exceptions and exclusion can be arranged through the student’s counselor. Students are expected to read at home each evening, which is a practice that is proven to strengthen academic performance across the curriculum.



Every classroom is fitted with a Promethean board, which is an interactive learning tool that is exciting, educational, and of great benefit to classroom cohesiveness. Teachers are able to present lessons in an interactive fashion, and students are able to work in unison as they strengthen their knowledge both in the subject presented, and the technology used in the presentation. Each classroom has access to a mobile computer lab, consisting of 12 laptops on which the students have access to educational internet resources, as well as widely used software programs such as Microsoft Office, Photoshop, and PowerPoint. Students are able to practice everything from basic keyboarding skills to creating presentations to showcase their academic achievements. The Promethean boards are a powerful tool as students are able to follow their teacher on their individual laptops, as they learn how to navigate the internet in learning how to research current topics and areas of study. iPads also are available to students and classrooms. This new technology has become an exciting resource for teaching and learning.

The laptops, Promethean boards and iPads are invaluable tools in any subject or age level, and incite in students a strong desire to actively participate in their own education.