Chapel Hill Academy

Elementary School

The Chapel Hill Academy elementary school program is designed to provide the student with a full and comprehensive educational program while providing emotional, behavioral and social supports. All subjects follow the NJ Core Curriculum Standards and are taught by certified and highly qualified teachers. Interactive white boards, lap top computers, Alpha Smarts and iPads are used for hands on experience.

Language Arts Literacy is a 60 minute class that meets 5 days a week. We utilize the Houghton-Mifflin Reading Program as the basis of our Language Arts Literacy Program. Students are placed in their reading group based on academic level, learning style and groupings of students.

The Chapel Hill Academy Learning Disability Teacher Consultant meets with all new students and through informal testing determines the correct reading group for each student. Pre and post testing is done throughout the year to determine student progress.

A multi sensory approach is used in every class.

Mathematics is also a 60 minute period using the Houghton- Mifflin Go Math Series. Classes start with the Problem of the Day for higher level thinking skills. The teacher then moves on to the class lesson, provides group and individual practice and then finishes up with the use of manipulatives and game playing. This allows the concepts learned to be utilized in various ways.

Science uses the McMillan, McGraw-Hill Science A Closer Look. Classroom lessons are supplemented by projects, videos and a weekly science lab. Students put on lab coats and goggles and participate in a science lab experience.

The Social Studies classes use the Houghton-Mifflin Social Studies series. Our Neighborhood, People and Communities are some of the series focuses. Geography, history and citizenship are discussed. Interactive, multi sensory learning occurs.

Physical Education, (160 minutes/week), art, music, conversational Spanish, health, computers and social skills fill out the rest of the schedule. Electives are club type activities that occur weekly. Students can sign up for different electives throughout the school year.