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The B.A.S.E. Program at Chapel Hill Academy

The B.A.S.E. Program at Chapel Hill Academy

The B.A.S.E. Program at Chapel Hill Academy is an individualized goal oriented point system that has been design by our staff to specifically address students’ Behavioral, Academic, Social and/or Emotional needs. Chapel Hill’s counseling staff, along with teaching staff will develop 3 goals based on IEP information, teacher observations, student interviews and parent information. Students will earn points in each class for these goals. The progress towards each goal will be rated and charted on a daily/weekly basis. As students accomplish a goal, a new goal will be put into place. If a student is having difficulty successfully accomplishing or maintaining a goal, smaller objectives will be put into place. The point system will be used to reward positive progress. Points are NOT LOST or DEDUCTED!!

There is a possibility of ten points for each 40 minute class and fifteen points for each sixty minute class. The student and teacher review points together at the end of each class. Students need to earn an average of eighty points a day to make their points on Level 1. Prizes cheer charts, and Chapel Hill Dollars, can be earned for daily points at the Elementary School Level. At the end of each week, if the student has earned their points for the week, they can choose from the Reward Activities that have been set up for that week. Activities such as Frisbee, scooter hockey, kitchen chemistry, arts and crafts, computers and school wide movies are just a few of the activities that are offered. Those students who have not earned their points for the week stay in class. The counselors meet with these students and devise a plan which will enable them to earn their points the following week. Ninety percent of the students usually earn their points on a regular basis.

When a student earns his/her points for four weeks, pass all of their classes, and come to school regularly they are eligible for Level 2. Daily point totals now need to average 85 points. Additional rewards and incentives are given for Level 2 students along with a Chapel Hill Academy Level 2 tee shirt and a raise in pay scale on the Career Exploration and Practical Application Program. (C.E.P.A.P)

Once a student earns Level 2 points for a minimum of eight weeks they are eligible for Level 3.

Level 3 is a very prestigious level. Students need to earn an average of ninety points daily, pass all subjects, and have good attendance to be eligible. Once a student achieves Level.3 they will earn a special Chapel Hill Academy shirt, a raise in pay in C.E.P.A.P, receives a $25 dollar gift certificate. Students who are in good standing on Level 3 for a minimum of eight weeks will be eligible to apply for Level 4.

Level 4 is our ULTIMATE goal. Students need to apply for Level 4 in writing. They must explain the contributions they have made to the school and/or community to earn Level 4 status.

They earn a raise in pay, and a $50 gift certificate, the right to schedule a meeting with their parents and Child Study Team to discuss returning to district if appropriate.

Daily point totals are sent home in the Students’ Communication Log. Parents can help us celebrate our students’ successes!!!

When Points Do Not Work

The B.A.S.E Program has proved successful with the majority of students. It helps foster self-esteem, positive interactions and self satisfaction for making good choices. There are some students who put too much pressure on themselves to make perfect points. In these cases the counselor and student may decided on Plan B.

On Plan B, students do not discuss their points at the end of each class. The teacher will give them feedback in the form of thumbs up, smiley faces, checks etc. At the end of each day the students will receive a simple "YES" or "WE WILL TRY AGAIN TOMORROW." This system relieves the student of the pressure of knowing their points each period. Rewards and incentives are still available.

Progress, Not Perfection is our mantra.