Chapel Hill Academy


The counseling program at Chapel Hill Academy is very important for the success of our students. Each student is assigned a counselor whom they meet with for Social Skills Group, individual counseling and crisis intervention. Each of our nine counselors are fully state certified as School Counselors. There is a counseling office on each of our three floors. The counselors plan and coordinate the social skills curriculum, which is then implemented in the classrooms on a daily basis. Anger management, self-advocacy, decision making, developing positive peer relationships and support for the families are only some of the services offered by our counseling program.

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Annette ext. 1138

Ashley ext. 1139

Gail ext. 1132

Jacqueline ext. 1148 

Joshua ext. 1133

Karen ext. 1140

Loretta ext. 1136

Marlene ext. 1130

Michele ext. 1137

Noelle ext. 1131