Chapel Hill Academy

Admission to Chapel Hill Academy

Chapel Hill Academy is approved by the New Jersey Department of Education and is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.  We are a K-12 program for students with learning, social, emotional and behavioral disabilities.

Whether you want to ask a question, visit the school, or set up a formal intake, there are many ways of proceeding.

Informal Inquiries

There is always a friendly voice answering the phones at Chapel Hill Academy.  Mary or Rose will be able to answer questions or direct your call to Diane Somers, the director of the school, who can respond to questions in more detail.

Another good way to get information is through this website.  Data is updated on a regular basis and is an informative method of getting to know us. Questions can be submitted through the website also. Mary will monitor the email and answer the question(s) or forward it to Diane.

School Visits

Visits to the school are promoted and enjoyed by all.  They give us a chance to show off a little.  Parents, Child Study Team Members, Outside Therapists and Students are encouraged to call the school and schedule an informal “walk-thru”.  This is a great opportunity to learn about Chapel Hill Academy, have questions answered, meet staff and students and see our programs in action.  Reading, Math, Science Lab, Music Studio, Art, Library, Climbing Wall, Auditorium, Kitchen/Cafeteria and the Gymnasium are just some of the exciting activities and places you will experience.

Formal Intakes

Chapel Hill Academy works cooperatively with local school districts to place students in an environment that will meet their needs.  The district will send student records such as the IEP, educational testing, and social and psychological reports to us.  The records will be reviewed and if the student is an appropriate candidate, the district case manager will be called to schedule an intake.  Records are usually reviewed as soon as they are received.  The Child Study Team Case Manager, Parent(s)/Guardian and the Student are invited to the intake meeting.  During this meeting, CHA staff will share information about the school and you will tour the building.  At times, when appropriate, a student ambassador will join the tour to discuss the program from a “student’s point of view”.  If the Parent(s)/Guardian, CST Case Manager and CHA staff agree that the program is an appropriate placement, the student is encouraged to spend some time with us.

Student Visit

We invite all prospective students to visit with us.  This allows your child to spend time with their peers, experience the classroom, meet with a counselor and get the “feel” of the school.  This visit can last several hours to an entire day.  We are aware that parent work schedules and student anxiety can make it difficult to schedule time to visit; therefore, we try to be as accommodating as needed.  Some visits can occur on the day of the intake if that works well for everyone involved.


A decision to accept a student is usually made at the end of the visit day. The Parent/Guardian are encouraged to discuss the visitation with the CST Case Manager and make the decision together.

Visits, Intakes and Acceptances occur throughout the school year and during our  Extended School Year Program.