Chapel Hill Academy



We at Chapel Hill are proud of our students' achievements, both when they are with us, and after graduation. Here is a sampling of comments from former students, parents, visitors, and child study team members.

“You can feel the friendly atmosphere as soon as you walk in.”
A Chapel Hill Visitor

“I appreciate all the assistance Chapel Hill has done for my son since 2nd grade through 8th grade from the principals, teachers, and other staff. We love the small classes, the cleanliness and the communication the school has with the parents. I would definitely recommend Chapel Hill School to anyone.”
LB, Parent

“When I got to this school I was spiraling out of control. I continued to have trouble while I was here but, I was an academic success for the first time. Even after I left the program it took some time for me to pull myself together. I was only able to do that because of the life skills I acquired during my time in this program. The staff at Chapel Hill is exceptional, and it is a direct result of their support and dedication that I have been able to evolve into a successful person.”
Former Student

“Chapel Hill is the best because the teachers care and no one ignores you.”
KJ, Student

“The truth is I don’t know how we could have done it without you.”
BH, Parent

“Stay out of trouble and listen to the teachers. There is only one school that you will be successful in and that’s C.H.A.”
(A word of advice from) DC, Student

“A loving and caring staff that takes that extra step.”
Child Study Team Member

“The building and grounds never looked better.”
Community Member

“They help me out a lot.”
AE, Student

“Awesome! Best school in the world.”
AR, Student

“This school is better then my other school.”
MM, Student

“I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else.”
Staff Member

“Beyond the education that the students receive there is a wonderful support for the children and families.”
Representative, Middle States Association

“Today I stand here ready to graduate from 8th grade. If I hadn’t come to Chapel Hill, honestly, I’m not sure where I would be. Many things ran through my head when it occurred to me that I was actually going to High School next year in FL. I wondered if I would be accepted, if the teachers would be nice, how much homework we would get, things like that. But as I stand here today, because of CHA, I am no longer afraid.”
(8th Grade Graduation speech) EM, Student

“When I first came here, it was rough, but I am working on my goals. I have met people that I can call my friends. Everyone I know here, both teachers and kids, are helping me control my anger.”
(8th Grade Graduation speech) AB, Student

“In all my years at Chapel Hill Academy, I have learned how to be a hard working, respectful, and honest student. Thank you!!”
(8th Grade Graduation speech) JY, Student

“When I first came to CHA, I had many learning, social and emotional difficulties. I have worked through those problems with my counselor. I now have friends. I always have someone to talk to whenever I feel troubled.”
(8th Grade Graduation speech) JM, Student

“Thank you, Chapel Hill, for helping me become a better person and for not giving up on me, even when I was having some hard times.”
(8th Grade Graduation speech) AD, Student

“At first, I did not want to attend school because starting a new school made me feel uncomfortable. However, on my 1st day at this school, I felt I had made a good choice.”
(8th Grade Graduation speech) NV, Student

Here at CHA, the staff and faculty truly put the kids first and do any and everything to make sure that they can achieve their greatest potential.