Chapel Hill Academy

Philosophy, Mission and Beliefs

Philosophy, Mission and Beliefs


Every child has the right to develop to his or her fullest potential. Chapel Hill Academy is designed to provide the experiences whereby students can develop the knowledge, skills, and tools, under the supportive guidance of a dedicated staff, necessary for his or her achievement. This is accomplished by providing individualized academic plans, positive social experiences, as well as teaching necessary behavioral skills.


The Mission of Chapel Hill Academy is to provide students with the necessary tools and opportunities so that they may progress academically, mature emotionally, and develop socially, in order to become productive participants at home, in school, and within the community. To this end, the staff of Chapel Hill is dedicated to providing each student an individually tailored program of comprehensive education that incorporates academics, technology, social skills, arts and culture, practical life skills, health and physical education, as well as behavior modification, thereby affording the students the opportunity to utilize their strengths in realizing success.

We Believe . . .

  • Our students will learn and grow to their fullest potential in a supportive and nurturing atmosphere.
  • Emotional growth and security are as important to a child’s education as academic progress.
  • Children need opportunities to share their unique knowledge with others.
  • Acceptance and respect for the individual student will protect his or her self-esteem at all times.
  • Open and productive communication between the student, the family, and the school is essential to student success.
  • Children need to be taught to appreciate, accept, and understand the differences in people and cultures of the world.
  • Each student is a unique individual who possesses both dignity and worth, and therefore is entitled to an equal opportunity to develop his or her potential.
  • Students develop the values of good citizenship and make a positive contribution to society through community service.
  • Children need to feel safe in order to take chances and risk failure as a prerequisite to growth.
  • It is Chapel Hill Academy’s responsibility to provide individualized academic instruction to meet the specific learning needs of our students.
  • Real life experiences will provide our students with invaluable growth and insight; which will help them become successful participants in an ever-changing world community.