Chapel Hill Academy

Room 305

Welcome to Homeroom 305 with Sarah and Jan!

We have a wonderful End of the Year for HR 305! 


We are so proud of our homeroom! This month we are continuing our  new morning tradition called "305 Family Meeting" during which time, all 305 students gather in the library area to talk about what's going on in school that day, level movement information, weekend stories, etc. This is an effort to connect each morning before starting our day to get everyone on the same page and feeling great! 

Speaking of level movements, we are excited to announce that Griffin, Carissa, and Ian R have moved up to level III! 

Finally, we are focusing on kindness and respect this month. We are  encouraging all of our students to be mindful of how simple words and acts of kindness can brighten our days and make our time together even more special. We are planning a trip to ihop for International Pancake Day on March 7th  for all of our students who are practicing their kindness skills! The ihop requests that all participants in the free pancake day make a donation, as the ihop is donating all donations from this day to benefit kids with critical illnesses. This way, our kids are practicing kindness even as they are being rewarded for being kind in school. A "win-win" situation!!!

Coming Up This Month at School...