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Happy Holidays to all of you.  So many activities are happening in the science lab.  We just recently made chromotography holiday decorations.  Ask your child about them.   All of us in the Science lab wish you and yours a very happy holiday season and a blessed new year.   See you in the new year.   

October has come and gone and with it classes have completed our October spooky and slimey labs along with the dry ice labs.  All lab classes are in full swing..studying the cell, DNA, bird adaptations, microscope work , and the beginning of the study of the atom.  The fall time is upon us and all of us here in the lab are wishing you happy holidays in the months ahead.   Stop in at the lab and see and hear about all the exciting things going on. 

Welcome back to another exciting year in the Science Lab. Lots of hands-on activities are going on in the lab on a daily basis. Check for postings about what your child’s class might be doing! We will be studying Safety in the lab and reviewing lab rules.  We all know how to be safe and are learning to recognize various safety symbols used in the lab.  We are also learning about all of the equipment in the lab and how it can be used safely!  Check back for more news about your child's classroom activities. 

Viv and Carol and Kim

The Jr High text: Red, Green and Blue are available online.  Click on the Glencoe link and type in the following codes:

RED:        C07FD783BE              GREEN:  CA24E5FE2A                        BLUE:       E1A1053687    

These codes will take you to the online student editions of the textbooks!